Working Harder for the Central Valley

More than a century ago, my great-great grandfather joined a wagon train to Manteca, started a farm, and laid the foundations of a better life for the future generations of his family. I grew up in Turlock, went to public school, and worked my way through college and business school. I’ve spent my career helping entrepreneurs and new companies grow their businesses and turn their ideas into engines of economic growth.

I want the Central Valley to share in that economic growth. For too long, the Central Valley has been left behind. In fact, if the Central Valley were a state, we would be the poorest in the nation. That’s unacceptable, and I’m running for Congress because we can and must do better.

In Congress, my mission will be to bring more good-paying jobs and more investment to the Valley - so a child growing up today can have the same opportunities I had as a kid. I will work with Republicans, Democrats, and Independents to help our local farms and businesses prosper by investing in education and infrastructure and helping to create more good paying jobs. I will also stand up to President Trump when he is wrong, and fight his agenda when it threatens our values and our families.  

Together, we can defend our values and strengthen our economy.

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