Build a sustainable water future for the Central Valley


Water has been the critical issue for our community since my great-great-grandfather began farming in Manteca more than 170 years ago, and we will never solve our problems by shipping it to Southern California. For too long, politicians have haggled over our water crisis instead of working to solve it. 

My first bill in Congress was the SAVE Water Resources Act, a real 21st Century solution to solving our water issues. Working with Republicans and Democrats, I wrote this bill to make sure we’re securing and growing our water supply to get ready for the next drought. 

I’ve also introduced bipartisan legislation to bring more money to water research. This isn’t a problem that’s going to be solved by doing things the way we always have - we’re in a time of record droughts and need new innovative solutions to guarantee we have water for our families and our farmers. 

I’ll fight to keep our water here because anything that hurts our farmers hurts our whole community.
— Josh Harder