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June 14, 2018                                                     

Jeff Denham and his Republican Bosses Fail Again
on Immigration Reform

After eight years of broken promises from Rep. Jeff Denham, House Republicans and Rep. Denham failed again to successfully move forward on immigration reform.

Josh Harder, Democrat Challenging Denham(CA-10), commented on today’s failure:   

“The failure of this immigration ‘compromise’ is another public show of Denham’s ineffectiveness and moral bankruptcy. Denham and his Republican bosses holding Dreamers hostage in their failed negotiations is one of the many reasons Denham and his allies are unfit to represent Americans. The only way we’ll pass meaningful immigration reform that protects Dreamers, while also securing our borders, is by electing a Democratic majority in Congress."

See below for photos of Rep. Jeff Denham “patrolling” the border.