How do I set up a Harder for Congress Phone Bank?

  • STEP 1: Email or text out an invitation to your phone bank with a time, place, and date! Remind folks to bring a laptop computer and a headset or airbuds.
  • STEP 2: Print out this phone bank sign-in sheet for attendees to fill out upon arrival that assigns each volunteer to a specific phone line (1-10).
  • STEP 3: Upon arrival, give volunteers a print-out of these setup instructions to get up and running! Please let phone bank attendees keep a copy of these instructions and encourage them to make calls on their own at home in the weeks to come.

Can I just make calls on my own?

  • Yes! All you need to do to get set up is follow these setup instructions. We have 10 dedicated phone lines; if by any chance the line number you chose is in use, choose a different one.