Jeff Denham Must Go

Serving in Congress is supposed to be about the people, not politics. Jeff Denham has consistently put the Republican Party over the needs of our district. He voted to take health care away from 23 million Americans and eliminate protections for people with pre-existing conditions, over 300,000 in this Congressional District alone. And he is afraid to stand up to Republican leadership to pass legislation to help our Dreamers and keep families together. 



Josh is the Answer

For Josh Harder, it's personal. He knows firsthand how what happens in Washington affects Central Valley families. Josh’s brother, born 10 weeks premature, would lose his health coverage if Congress let insurance companies deny people with pre-existing conditions. And Josh now teaches at Modesto Junior College, where students struggle with high tuition costs and Dreamers fear deportation.  After 10 years helping build businesses and create jobs, Josh Harder is running for Congress to fight for immigration reform and pass Medicare for All to ensure everybody has affordable health care.

Voters in PDI’s 18P3 universe who are listed as Democrats, Dem+, and MPL need to hear this message along with independents in that universe.