Josh Harder Clearly States Support for Access to Healthcare and Immigration Reform, While Congressman Jeff Denham Makes Excuses for a Career of Failure and Inaction

In front of the Modesto Bee Editorial Board earlier today, the choice for California’s 10th Congressional District was made clear. While Harder defined a vision for the Central Valley that includes access to affordable healthcare, comprehensive immigration reform, and bringing jobs to Valley, we saw more of the same from Congressman Jeff Denham. 

Congressman Denham failed to explain his reasons for repeatedly saying one thing while he’s here in the district and then going back to DC and voting against his community. 

Denham made excuses for his inaction on trade and inability to support our farmers, failed to answer why he voted to strip coverage for pre-existing conditions for over 100,000 constituents, and couldn’t even pledge to avoid accepting campaign contributions from currently indicted members of Congress like Congressman Duncan Hunter.

"What we saw today was Congressman Jeff Denham defending the status quo in Washington DC, while Josh offered a positive agenda of change and of getting things done for this community. Jeff Denham has been in DC for too long and it shows. He's so out of touch with the values of the Central Valley that he wouldn't even pledge to refuse campaign donations from indicted members of Congress," said Chelsea Brossard, Campaign Manager.