We've been closely following the whistleblower story about President Trump's phone call with Ukraine since last week. Based on recent developments, I've decided that if the allegations are true, it is time for the House to open impeachment proceedings. Here's what I just told the Modesto Bee for their story:

“Last week, we found out that the president himself may have put our national security at risk, invited another foreign government to interfere in our election, and used American tax dollars to further his own political agenda... Anyone willing to sacrifice the national security interests of the United States for their own benefit is unfit to be president.”

While I will be keeping my focus on issues that are most important to folks in my district -- affordable healthcare, good paying jobs, and access to water -- I will also be doing everything I can to make sure the truth comes out. Because it's what the American people deserve.

So during a time like this, I feel it's my responsibility to add my voice. Our democracy demands it.

-- Josh