Fair and humane immigration reform


The Central Valley is a land of immigrants. We have over 10,000 Dreamers in our community who are our friends, classmates, and neighbors - they’re American in every way but on paper We should be providing them a pathway to citizenship. I was proud to cosponsor and vote to pass the Dream and Promise Act to help provide a pathway to citizenship for our Dreamers. I’m also proud to be leading legislation like the ENLIST Act, which says that if you serve in our Armed Forces, you should be able to work towards citizenship. I know we can help our Dreamers, we just need the political will do it.

I also believe we need comprehensive immigration reform that includes securing our borders. We must make real investments in enhanced technology at our southern border and at our ports to protect our country from drug smugglers and human traffickers. That’s why I voted for $13.8 billion to provide more border security technology and enforcement officers. We have to keep our country safe, and we must do it in a humane way that upholds our values.

Political games won’t fix our broken immigration system and make real change. Immigration is vital to our way of life in the Valley and we need real reform, now. That’s what I’ve been working on in Congress.
— Josh Harder