Housing and homelessness


Washington has not taken the housing crisis seriously. Our rents keep going up and up in the Valley - in Modesto they’ve shot up more than $400 in the past five years. We need more affordable housing so our families can live the American Dream.

We also know that homelessness is a huge problem in our communities. I believe we must tackle this problem head on.I am a proud co-sponsor of the Fighting Homelessness through Housing and Services Act, which not only provides funding for transitional housing, but will also tackle its root causes by investing in mental health and substance abuse services and provide job training opportunities for our homelessness neighbors.

Washington politicians have forgotten they work for the people, not for the special interests or their party bosses. I’ve worked to be different and put everything I have into delivering solutions that protect health care coverage and reduce costs, fix our broken immigration system and protect Dreamers, and bring jobs back to the Valley. Because you’re the boss.
— Josh Harder