Jeff Denham Misleads Voters in New Campaign Ad

(Modesto, CA)-- Yesterday, Jeff Denham released a negative attack on Josh Harder, misleading voters about the truth of Harder’s record and of his own.

Josh Harder released the following statement:

“Jeff Denham doesn’t have a lot of accomplishments from his time in Washington so I’m not surprised that he has begun his campaign lying about my record. 

Here’s the truth, when I entered the workforce I got to roll up my sleeves and help individuals turn good ideas into small business -- and when they were really good ideas, I helped to turn those small businesses into large companies. Those companies now employ thousands of workers here in California and around the country. 

Jeff Denham talks a good game at home but in Washington, his most notable accomplishments are votes for deficit-exploding tax cuts that mostly help big corporations and wealthy special interests.

I’m Josh Harder and I approve this message because we need a representative who is going to fight for us not just the special interests funding Denham’s campaign.”


A video of Josh's statement can be found here