Josh Harder Response to Denham's Praise of Child Detention Centers

Today McClatchy broke the news that, just one month after criticizing a child detention center that he’d visited, Jeff Denham had changed his tune and was now praising the facility, even claiming that he’d be “willing to have his children stay there”. This comes after weeks of coverage of the abuse that some children in similar detention centers - who are held against their will - are facing. Josh Harder released the following statement:

“The children in these facilities are being held forcibly against their will. They have been cruelly ripped away from their parents. And many of them have been subjected to abuse and neglect. For Jeff Denham to praise child detention is wrong. It is morally reprehensible. And it is yet another example of Jeff Denham saying one thing to voters, then turning around and doing the exact opposite when faced with pressure from his party leaders in Washington.

“Jeff Denham is in a position to end this horrific policy - but he would rather praise these horrific children’s detention centers. The Central Valley needs leaders they can trust and rely on to deliver for our families here. Jeff Denham has proven once again that he is not that leader.”