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[He] is committed to seeing health care access for all become a reality.
— Roland Nyegaard, Modesto
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I support josh because...

I support Josh Harder because he’s been in this Valley all his life. He understands the days to day needs of the residents, and he understands where Jeff Denham has gone wrong by supporting party over constituents. Josh Harder is a moderate who isn’t going to shy away from telling his party that he does not agree. Josh Harder will do what is best for the people in the Central Valley, not what is best for Washington.
— Melissa G., Tracy

"I support Josh because he is honest and will go to Washington to be our voice. He will not be influenced by special interest groups. He listens to us and knows what has to be done. A vote for Josh is a vote for progress."

-Gina B., Newman

Harder is for affordable health care for all, a strong public school system that meets the needs of our community, solving the climate crisis and representing the working people and families of District 10 – not the wealthy donor class.
— Gerald P., Modesto
As someone who’s lived in the Central Valley since I was born, one thing I want to see more than anything is change. I believe Josh Harder is the one candidate who will bring change to the Central Valley...He will fight for Medicare for all, encourage fair and humane immigration reform, help the Dreamers, help create more jobs, create quality public schools for every child and protect the environment – because, let’s be honest here, we only have one planet.
— Aaliyah P., Ceres

Unlike others, Harder can actually achieve goals once he gets to Congress.

Frank P, Modesto

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Josh will never be silent about gun violence and the NRA.

-Ramtin Z., Modesto

Josh has a heightened awareness of what people in this district care about. Our district has indeed been neglected for far too long. It is time for business expansion and affordable housing. We cannot wait another decade! Josh is dead serious about that!
— Julian B., Newman
Josh’s ideas for change really seem progressive and heading towards a new direction in the Central Valley. Personally my mother is an immigrant and I find what josh wants for immigrants is what is right. Many people live in the dark and are afraid to get healthcare, a better paying job or simply to go to the police station because the fear of deportation. I hope Josh wins because he has my vote!!
— Cristian S., Modesto

"...his will to listen, spend time with constituents, understanding of the importance of education and his ability to come up with solutions regarding other issues such as healthcare, immigration reform, sustainable water for the Central Valley and Women’s Rights."

-Gloria V., Turlock

Harder believes in healthcare for all and fixing our current healthcare system and fair and humane immigration reform.
— Elizabeth L., Ceres
He’s the common sense candidate best fit for Congress and in the best position to beat the incumbent. The only thing he will be influenced by is his constituency and human rights and not by special interest groups or money. When it comes to healthcare, education, sustainability, and immigration reform, he has the vision, knowledge, and will to set them into motion.
— Julissa Ruiz R., Hughson

"Josh Harder is prepared to protect our agricultural heritage and the water it depends on even while adding jobs in the form of clean technology and innovation spurred by investments in our economy."

-Eric C., Modesto

“Washington politicians like Jeff Denham haven’t kept their promises to the Central Valley. We need someone who won’t back down in the fight to protect DREAMers and keep families together. I’m running for Congress to put Valley families first.” - Josh Harder