Working Harder for the Central Valley

Josh, his wife, Pam, and his dog, Blue, live in Turlock, where Josh grew up and delivered newspapers for the Turlock Journal. Josh is currently serving his first term in Congress on behalf of families in the Central Valley where he’s fighting to protect our access to health care, create good-paying jobs, and reform our broken immigration system. He’s also focused on securing and growing the Valley’s water supply. Josh is inspired by his parents, Mark and Linda, who met on a mission trip, and have lived a lifetime of service to their community. Josh picked up the family torch to bring the same spirit of service to Washington - where it’s desperately needed. 

Josh ran for Congress because corruption in Washington has prevented the important progress that families like his are counting on. Josh’s brother David was born with a preexisting condition, and threats to our health care system from Washington Republicans could have left David without the care he needed. Josh wasn’t going to let that happen. He ran for Congress on a promise to protect people with pre-existing conditions and make health care a universal right. 

Josh has immediately gotten to work - within weeks of being sworn in Josh voted to protect our health care and helped lead the most sweeping anti-corruption bill since Watergate. He is the lead author on bills to crack down on lobbying and prevent pay raises for Members of Congress. He is also a leader on water issues with his  S.A.V.E. Water Resources Act serving as a framework for a 21st Century solution by increasing our water storage, upgrading our failing water infrastructure, and spurring innovation.

Josh’s roots in the Central Valley run deep - more than a century ago, his great-great grandfather joined a wagon train to Manteca, where he ultimately settled and started a peach farm. After attending Modesto Public High School, Josh earned a scholarship from the local Rotary Club to attend Stanford University, where he worked to pay the rest of his way. After college, he made his career helping small businesses grow and create jobs. He saw firsthand an economic boom in other parts of the state and country, but saw his own community being left out. He’s using his business background and Central Valley common sense to bring necessary change to Washington. 

We need leaders with the courage to stand up to Washington’s corruption and put our Valley families first. That’s just what I’m doing.
— Josh Harder