10 Ways To Help Josh Win District 10!

Josh believes that listening to the citizens of the Central Valley is the best way to support them. But first, he needs YOUR SUPPORT to win. We're only a few weeks away from the June 5th primary election and every bit of action you take helps. Here are our favorite ways other Central Valley citizens are getting involved!

1. Mail in your ballot if you vote-by-mail! Ballots should have arrived in the mail by now, so return your ballots as soon as possible. 

2. Bring a friend to knock doors and Get Out The Vote. Sign up here

3. Add your voice! Endorse Josh here

4. Donate - Josh has committed to refusing Corporate PAC donations so every dollar you donate really matters. 

5. Record a 10 second video explaining why you support Josh and text us at (209) 214-8089 or email us info@harderforcongress.com. Check out why others support Josh here

6. Spread the word online: share your support on Facebook. Tweet your support and use the hashtag: #harderforcongress. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter if you don't already!

7. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. See what others are saying here, here, and here

8. Host a phone bank at your home with your family and friends. Email info@harderforcongress.com to get set up!

9. Add an I'm Voting Harder frame to your profile picture by 1) clicking Update Profile Picture 2) clicking Add Frame and 3) searching for Josh Harder.

10. Download a sign to put in your window or your car! Please only print one per person or contact info@harderforcongress.com for more.